There's a Way to Watch the Big Sur Condors Again

Condor Cam went offline after the Dolan Fire swept through a sanctuary in August, but it is back and livestreaming the endangered birds.

Steve Johnson

CHECKING IN ON THE CONDORS... of the Big Sur Sanctuary has become a daily must-do for many bird fans in recent years, both in the Golden State and far beyond. The whole "checking in" process was made both simple and spectacular by an camera located inside the Big Sur Sanctuary, a gathering spot for several California condors in the area. Fans from afar could view the wide-of-wingspan wonders as they ate, sunned, alighted in the remote space or took to the sky. But the popular camera suffered during the Dolan Fire in August, which greatly and gravely impacted the area, as well as a number of condors that have not yet been seen since the fire.

VENTANA WILDLIFE SOCIETY, which works tirelessly on behalf of the endangered birds, just shared some positive news when condor fans really need it: Condor Cam returned to livestreaming the magnificent birds on Sept. 29, thanks to replacing equipment that the fire had damaged. "Viewers can now see for themselves the damage caused by the Dolan Fire – and hopefully condors returning to the sanctuary. While the Dolan Fire continues to burn, firefighters have battled to reach 85% containment," shared the society's team. As mentioned, missing condors remain a major concern, but the camera will give biologists the opportunity to watch and see if any condors that still need to be accounted for return.

STAY TUNED: "Although we don’t want to get our hopes up, we will surely keep our eyes open for any of the missing condors to appear on camera," said a society representative. "We are also staying encouraged and optimistic because of the support of people like you." If you'd like to contribute to the Big Sur Sanctuary's rebuilding efforts, you can visit this page now for more information.

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