There's a Whole Festival for Snow, in North Lake Tahoe

SNOWFEST! is the "Mountain Mardi Gras," a 10-day party flurried with fun and funny happenings.


CELEBRATING SNOW? You've likely never left a pretty cake outside, ahead of a big squaller of snow-dropper, and you probably haven't worn a pointy paper hat out into a blizzard (you were likely rocking a heavy knit cap, or something toastier, in that case). But there are ways to celebrate snow, as in the idea of snow, the beauty of a frosty landscape, and all of the wintry and whimsical joys a couple of inches of the cold stuff can so easily bring. North Lake Tahoe is a place known for its snowy scene, and, each year, before wintertime slips out the door and spring enters, the community puts on a snow-tastic party. It's so snow-tastic, in fact, that it lasts for over a week, and it includes a multitude of merry doings, with some doings straight from the sillier side of life. It's...

SNOWFEST, which will flurry, er, hurry into the lake-close area from Feb. 28 through March 8, 2020. Is there a parade? Of course. Can you paint a snowman during the festival? You can. Will there be a Polar Bear swim? That's happening on Feb. 29, which is a perfectly offbeat day for such an offbeat (and chilly) event. A clambake, a rib party, a chance to dress up your pooch, a luau, a ski race, and a spectacular snow sculpture contest fill out the first part of March. Is snow your favorite season? Can snow be a season? The revelers who gather for SNOWFEST! would likely say yes. Get your cold-toe'd must-knows pronto.

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