Palm Desert

This Adorable African Wild Dog Needs a Name

The Living Desert in Palm Desert wants to hear from fans of the sweet canine pups; weigh in on your pick by Endangered Species Day.

Erin R.

A LOVABLE LITTER... of African Wild Dogs were born at The Living Desert in Palm Desert in January, and heartstrings everywhere were heartily tugged. For the large group of big-ear'd, fur-spotted sweeties made happy headlines, especially around the time of their well-baby check-up. Cuddly babes do grow, though, and names are needed, and while several of the pups have been named, one girl still needs her noble handle. So The Living Desert has sent out the call, meaning fans of these beautiful animals have a chance to weigh in on three beautiful choices. But weigh in soon, if you will, for voting will close on May 14, with the name announcement arriving on May 15, which is Endangered Species Day.

THE THREE NAMES... that are under consideration? Bwindi, in honor of Uganda's Bwindi National Park, Karoo, in honor of South Africa's Karoo National Park, and Kalahari, a tribute to Kalahari National Park in South Africa. Let your choice be known via this page, and then start daydreaming of the day in the future you can visit this girl, and her siblings, at The Living Desert. It's a place that's home to tortoises, giraffes, and a number of other critters, as well as vast desert vistas and hike-ready walkways and paths. Something to keep in mind? A number of donors have named some of the other pups from the litter, by the by. If you're interested, drop a line to to find out more.

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