This Aquarium Cam Caught a Quartet of Cleaning Divers

The Monterey Bay Aquarium shared an inside look at one major tank-cleaning job.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

HAVE YOU BEEN SPRING CLEANING... during these stay-at-home weeks? Did you dig under the bed, really dig, like, you got to the very middle part where the dust bunnies are known to hide? Have you made a few book piles, and a section for sweaters, the ones you plan on giving your cousin? Have you taken on the spatula drawer? Then you've truly rolled up your sleeves and gotten down to the deep dive of spiffying-up. But what if your cleaning really involved a deep dive, or at least a dive into a famous tank inside a famous aquarium? Those are spots that also need regular tending, for the health of the animals that live there, for the pleasure of those fish fans who visit, and for a hundred other wise reasons. Divers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium regularly handle this important task, and fresh video from the Cannery Row destination shows a quartet of divers on the joyful job.

IN FACT, there's a diver for each massive pane that frames the aquarium's beautiful Kelp Forest, lending symmetry and art to the video. It's got whimsy, especially during these days when so many aquarium and zoo cams are trained on animals, with few people to be seen. So while Monterey Bay Aquarium remains closed, temporarily, know that there are still amazing, animal-championing humans hard at work, carrying for the spaces and sea critters that call it home. So how does a busy diver keep a massive tank looking its freshest? Take a peek at the charming clip, which was shared on the Monterey Bay Aquarium social pages on April 17.

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