Santa Rosa

This Cute Golden State Giraffe Calf Needs a Name

The big bambino was born at Safari West in early February 2021. Your part? Vote on one of five adorable names.

Will Bucquoy

What to Know

  • Safari West in Santa Rosa
  • Giraffe fans can vote on one of five names for the baby
  • Make your pick by midnight PST on March 1, 2021

FASHIONING A FANTASTIC NAME... for a character in a book, a figure in a game, or a new goldfish is no straightforward task. Sitting awhile with your super-cool literary hero, your game-based adventurer, or your scale-covered buddy is recommended, if you want to get an authentic sense of what their inner essence might be (and if that essence might prompt inspiration in the naming department). But what if you could play a cute part in naming a critter, all without stewing too long over your selection? With the nice knowledge that you may one day see this six-footer of a sweetheart in person, should you journey to an acclaimed animal preserve in Santa Rosa? You can, if you...

HELP CHOOSE A NAME... on this Safari West page for a new critter at the beastie-beautiful park. The proud wearer of the happy handle? Meet the newest giraffe-tastic bambino on the "Sonoma Serengeti," a tall tyke that topped six feet less than two weeks after his Feb. 13, 2021 birth (baby giraffes do have a penchant for growing up, up, up with a breathtaking swiftness). Next up for the giraffe-loving public? Ruminating on what this regal ruminant should be called. The five choices now up on the Safari West site include Valentino, Dobby, Patches, Vino, and Ollie. It's a cute quintet of names, but we're guessing you already knew your favorite in a flash. Cast your vote now, or soon, but be sure to have your say by midnight on March 1, 2021 (that's midnight Pacific time).

BY THE BY, this baby is now 130 pounds, but will surely be lots bigger the next time you can stop by Safari West to admire the wide and wonderful array of animals that roam the destination's vast areas. For more on the monikers, put your own hooves to the ground and make for this page now.

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