Super Bowl LVI

This Freebie Spotlights Game-Time Grub With California Cred

Visit California and CA Grown teamed up on a free eBook brimming with ideas for Super Bowl snacks paired with gorgeous Golden State wines.

California Wine Institute

What to Know

  • Super Bowl LVI is set for Feb. 13, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood
  • CA Grown has teamed up with Visit California to offer a free eBook spotlighting super snacks and Golden State sips
  • "Golden State Game Day Eats!" features recipes for Ricotta Toasts with Roasted Grapes, a Deviled Egg Trio, more

THE SNACKS OF GAME DAY? It feels like an entire institute could be developed to support the study of this important, much-discussed, and frankly obsessed-over corner of the culinary world. There'd be classes delving into when a host puts out the chips and guacamole, how many refills for the salsa bowl a person should have on hand, and if some sort of post-game app or aperitif is a fine idea, the better to discuss what went down with your fellow fans. While we impatiently await the opening of cooking school devoted to this exact topic, we are heartened to see California-loving organizations put game grub into flavorful focus, with a fizzy emphasis on the award-winning wines made in our state. And two of those groups, Visit California and CA Grown, have teamed up on a free eBook, one that can be downloaded ahead of Super Bowl LVI, which is, yes, set to hut-hut in California.

"GOLDEN STATE GAME DAY EATS!"... is the name of the tummy-tempting tome, a book that includes recipes for delish goodies like Spicy Cotija Popcorn and Roasted California Onion Dip. And if you're looking for a fresher dimension? There's the Game Day Super Board, which boasts a bevy of fruits and vegetables. On the beverage side of the aisle, there are sip-worthy suggestions regarding a spritely SoCal Citrus Sangria, as well as pairing ideas involving some of the sparkling libations that are grown, grape-to-glass, in the Golden State. Oh, and there are more football-fun freebies afoot, with additional recipes available at the California Wine Institute site. Already dreaming up your Super-Bowl's-in-California bash, but need gourmet guidance? Grab your free "Golden State Game Day Eats" eBook now.

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