This Golden State Town Boasts Its Own Groundhog Festival

Quincy is famous for its fabulous fall foliage, but, come February, a different star is in the celebratory spotlight.

Quincy Chamber

What to Know

  • Groundhog Fever Festival in Quincy
  • Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022 (1 p.m. kick-off)
  • Free entry; contests, live music, and an appearance by Chuck Wood

FALL FOLIAGE TO FEBRUARY FUN: Calling upon Quincy in October? The Plumas County town is going to be awash in all sorts of glorious golden, red, and orange leaves. It is, in fact, an autumn-lush wonderland, if you time your leaf-peeping adventure just right, and discovering the charming hamlet while road-tripping can feel like you've found something sweet and special (and you'd be right). But Quincy also has a whimsical wintertime dimension, after those famously colorful leaves have dropped and the holiday season has passed: It holds its own groundhog-themed event. True, Chuck Wood, the festival's handsome mascot, may not be an authentic groundhog per see, but the puppet-fun player adds a quirkiness to the afternoon-long party, which includes live music and several vendors to browse.

THE 2022 GATHERING, which will mark the 10th outing for the Groundhog Fever Festival, is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 5. An itinerary is live on the Quincy Chamber site, and it includes arm wrestling, a flip cup fight, and other lively showdowns. "Chuck Wood's Winter Prediction" happens at 3 o'clock, and there's a chili cook-off, too, as befits a chilly February fest. Several Northern California burgs are rightly well-known for their outdoor extravaganzas, with Willow Creek saluting Bigfoot each year and Nevada City, which isn't too far from Quincy, throwing a Mardi Gras to remember. If you've fallen for Quincy in the heart of fall, but want to experience the town during a wintertime lark, add Chuck Wood's hometown bash to your trip list.

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