This Little Big Sur Egg Is Captivating Condor Lovers

Want to know what's happening with the egg of Redwood Queen and Phoenix? Don't worry: Nest Cam is on the job.

What to Know

  • A condor egg may hatch as April 2021 ends
  • Located in a cavity of a burned Big Sur redwood
  • The egg was expected to hatch on April 24, but the hatching "window" remains open

CLAWS AND TALONS: Saying one is waiting on "pins and needles" is quite descriptive, especially when they want something to happen, something that could (or could not) occur at really any moment. But if you're talking about the possible hatching of a bouncing baby condor? You're going to want to find other ways to add flair to your language, should you want it to be especially celebratory in the face (er, beak) of a new birdling. So suffice it say that plenty of condor aficionados, in California and beyond, are on "claws and talons" as April 2021 begins to wrap up.

WHY? The egg of condors Redwood Queen and Phoenix, the one located in the snug cavity of a burned redwood tree, is presently within its hatching window. Which means that, yes, the world might soon sigh over a new chick, a baby that will further bolster its endangered brethren. Of course, "might" is the word to go with when awaiting any egg hatching, and being at peace with whatever the outcome might be is the wisest path. How to keep watch? You can see all of the egg action via's famous Nest Cam. Whatever the future of this little egg, fans of Redwood Queen and Phoenix continue to take inspiration from the pair's majesty and resilience. Phoenix survived the Basin Complex wildfire in 2008 as a small chick, while Redwood Queen's baby Iniko weathered the Dolan Fire in 2020 (Redwood Queen's mate Kingpin perished in the fire).

TO KEEP AN EYE... on this precious egg, which the Ventana Wildlife Society volunteers believe was laid on Feb. 26, follow the live Nest Cam now. Will a pip appear, meaning a possible hatching has begun? Claws and talons crossed.

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