Tickets to the Eye-mazing Flower Fields on Sale Now

The brightest-of-petal places opens in March, but you can alight upon your entry ASAP.

The Flower Fields

THE PETALS OF DECEMBER? They're plentiful and iconic and laden with lore and charm and elegance. The poinsettia springs to many minds first, thanks to its ubiquity during the weeks leading up to Christmas, but the amaryllis and the paperwhite also make a strong late-fall, early-winter showing, at least on many a windowsill and coffee table. Out in the garden? You might find an early camellia popping ahead of its typical mid-winter hello. The truth of it is that a flower fan doesn't have to search far for frilly buds and delicate blossoms, even as temperatures drop, even as December deepens, even as many people bid their garden beds adieu for a couple of months. But there is another flower that surfaces at the start of the final month, if not in reality, then in happy anticipation of things to come. It's the ranunculus, that bright, incredibly colorful, almost neon-like flower that's synonymous with...

THE FLOWER FIELDS... of Carlsbad. And when the ranunculus is in magnificent bloom, come the springtime, a visitor to the agri-attraction can admire vast rows of ranunculus beauty in hues ranging from powerful pink to an almost unreal lemon yellow. It isn't time for this stunner of a spring superstar just yet, but it is time for tickets, if you're inclined to visit the 2018 Flower Fields. They just went on sale, and, as is the way of things at the fields, opening date'll be March 1 and the final date will be Mother's Day. Between those two fairly close-together dates? Lots of activities shall be bubbling up around the grounds and, when the moment arrives, some headline-worthy blooms. Curious about the special events dotting the calendar during that all-too-brief window? Find them here. Curious about when the bloom will be at peak? That can be a challenge to pinpoint, as flora has an ancient way of working in tandem with the weather and time to keep to its own schedule. But looking back at the Facebook page for The Flower Fields can at least give you a general idea as to when, ish, that might happen, ish, in 2018. Might happen. Might. Good? Awesome.

ENJOY YOUR POINSETTIAS... and your paperwhites and your amaryllises during December, petal people, but know that one of our state's most spectacular springtime flower spreads is already preparing to receive flower fans from near, far, and even further than far, all to witness vast blankets of eye-popping buds opening to the sun. An adult ticket is $16, plus a small service fee; details at The Flower Fields site.

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