Travel California's Intercity Passenger Rails From Home

A free webinar will give that history on some of the timeless tracks that Golden State travelers love best.

LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency

What to Know

  • Corridor Conversations
  • Thursday, March 25 at 5 p.m.
  • Learn about the "history of intercity passenger rail service" and some of our state's most celebrated routes

ALL ABOARD? You may have been hearing those two particular words in your daydreams in recent months, or while savoring happy flights of fancy, or threaded through your deepest thoughts. For if you're taken with trains that take you to interesting places, you know the timeless thrill of stepping inside a railcar, making your way to a seat, stowing your luggage, and then settling in for a choice hour or two of choo-choo-ing. There'll be some serene staring out the window, some reading, some smiling at other passengers, and perhaps a peek or two at various maps and menus that fabulously fill out the city where you'll soon disembark. If you've been recently longing for a future adventure of this sort, the "all aboard!" is sounding for a March 25 webinar.

THE FREE ONLINE EVENT, which is called Corridor Conversations, "... will provide an opportunity to learn about the history of intercity passenger rail service, the managing agencies that oversee California's iconic routes, and the train services that connect the state." The California Intercity Passenger Rail Leadership Roundtable is open to public viewing, so train travelers who'd like an insider's look at the tracks that connect some of the Golden State's popular towns and destinations should register for the enjoy-at-home happening. It all chugga-chuggas at 5 p.m. on March 25, and you can find more information at the Pacific Surfliner site.

MISS TRAIN TRAVEL? You won't need a traditional ticket to board this particular railcar, but signing up now is recommended. Read more about the participants and the Zoom's focus on regional trips on some of California's best known train routes.

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