Trees of Mystery Opens the Redwood Canopy Trail

Northern California's tree-dense destination has a new way to experience the sky-high giants.

Trees of Mystery

THE LONG RIBBON OF ROAD... that takes you to some of your favorite California destinations? Spoiler alert: It has a way of staying rather close to the ground. It can seem to unspool before you, disappearing into a pinpoint in the far distance, but it forever remains beneath the wheels of your car, providing you a path to your next great exploration. And if that exploration involves redwood trees, then you know that the scenery will go from being quite flat, road-wise, to being incredibly, almost inconceivably tall in almost no time at all. Because the redwoods? We dare not say "spoiler alert" again: They're some of the tallest living things on this particular planet. And a place that travelers have long gone to behold their beauty is...

TREES OF MYSTERY, the redwood-packed Klamath spot that's become a roadside treasure. But just because a destination has put in a number of decades doesn't mean it won't add new pursuits over time. And, in late May, the brand-new Redwood Canopy Trail opened. "You’ll walk the aerial netted suspension bridges through these majestic old-growth redwoods," reveals the attraction's web site, "with viewing platforms from 50-100 feet high in the trees." The bridge is located around the middle of the canopy, giving you clear views as to what is above and below you.

OTHER FEATURES OF THE TRAIL? "There are 10 platforms, 2 of which are connected by a spiral staircase, and 8 suspension bridges," continues the site. If you've longed to go up higher into the ethereal trees, without actually interacting them or getting too close, consider the Redwood Canopy Trail an intriguing path to take. California continues to observer Safer at Home, due to the coronavirus, but planning your roadside journey, where the asphalt ribbons-out before you and, eventually, the redwoods stretch into the sky, might be a pleasurable pursuit right now, while you stay close to home.

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