Truffle Fans to Have Fun(gi) in Napa

The fragrant and knobby and pungent and exquisite delicacy will be at the center of this four-day festivity.

Napa Truffle Festival

YOU DIG TRUFFLES? There are two ways to ponder that statement, of course. One? You could be an expert forager, the kind of pro who can head out into a thick grove of trees, with a truffle-loving, snout-rocking critter at your side, and find one, two, a dozen delicious and sizable and ultimately pricey truffles. But maybe you dig truffles, in the sense that you're way into them, their flavor, their lore, and how they can instantly become the topic of any dinner table, once a dish laden with truffles appears before those gathered to eat. However you dig these from-the-ground goodies, best make for wine country for four days of pure, all-out, super-intense, myco-major love. For the...

NAPA TRUFFLE FESTIVAL... is on its winning way, and gourmands will call upon a number of intriguing events, including a Scientific Truffle Grower Seminar, a Wild Mushroom Foray, and, yes, A Foodie's Guide with Winery Truffle Lunch at Del Dotto Vineyards ("Dig Truffles?" is the appetizing call to action). There's even a Truffle Orchard Tour & Dog Training Demo, if you'd like to get to know some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the centuries-old practice of discovering truffles. As to the dates you'll want to keep in mind for this truly diggable delight? Be there from Jan. 17-20, 2020.

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