Tuck in at the Tustin Chili Cook-off

Spend the first Sunday in June with a slew of steamy samples.

SOME PEOPLE... who don't call Southern California home may cock an eyebrow, or two, at the notion that one of our best-known chili events happens to happen just a few weeks ahead of summertime, year in, year out, and that's that. And to that we politely respond with this query: "Dear non-Southern Californian, have you seen May Gray? Or June Gloom?" And then we pause to explain to them what those terms mean, in term of our weather and cooler mornings and marine-layer-y days. For early June is not typically a heat extravaganza around the region, meaning a hot spoonful of something warm and tummy-filling is just the ticket, flavor-wise and satisfaction-wise, too. If you think we're wending our way, with teasing anticipation, in the direction of discussing the Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cook-off here, well, you are beyond correct. That is indeed the famous chili showdown we're referencing, and it will return, with beans, chili peppers, beef, and so much more, on...

SUNDAY, JUNE 3: And, you bet, there's the huge Street Fair going on at the same time as all of that delicious chili makery, too. It's the 34th annual Tustin to-do, by the way, and it is big, meaning you may just want to stay for all seven hours (it's on from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). As for the chili-devouring portion of the party? You'll want to purchase one-dollar chili tasting tickets, and when you purchase ten of 'em, you'll receive a ballot which will give you the opportunity to vote for the trio of chili makers you like the best. This fair burbles with a bunch of stuff even beyond the chili eating, like other food vendors, contests, a pancake breakfast, and lots-lots-lots more, so read all before you plan your June-Gloom-y getaway to Tustin. But who knows? Maybe the sun'll shine on all of that savory fun after the morning clouds break.

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