Two New Rhino Calves Enjoyed a Safari Park Adventure

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park
"Two greater one-horned rhino calves, along with their mothers, bravely entered the expansive Asian Savanna habitat for the first time, (May 20, 2020) at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park"
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
"Mother rhinos Asha and Tanaya gave birth to their calves a little over two weeks apart—on March 25 and April 11, respectively. Both mom-and-calf pairs have enjoyed plenty of private time bonding before interacting with other wildlife on the savanna."
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
“It’s great to see Asha and Tanaya introducing their calves to other wildlife for the first time,” said Jillian King, senior wildlife care specialist, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Everything is new to the calves right now, so it will be interesting to watch them explore. We will keep a watchful eye on them, and look forward to them meeting more of the wildlife on the savanna soon.”
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
"The greater one-horned rhinoceros was once widespread in Southeast Asia, but it is now found only in India and Nepal. It differs from other rhino species, as it has an armor-plated appearance—but that “armor” is actually a layer of skin that has many folds. While the two calves explored, a layer of young, pink skin could be spied underneath the folds of their thickening, dark gray top layer of skin."
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
The park remains temporarily closed, but you can keep an eye on the San Diego Zoo Safari Park social media pages for all of the news on these adorable youngsters.
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