Underwood Announces Fall Festival Season

The hugely popular autumn party will begin in late September.

SIMMERING CIDER IN JUNE? Hot cider is not a traditional warm-weather beverage, but those who prefer apple-based drinks, say, over lemonade or a chardonnay or the other sips of summer, still do make their favorite drink all year long. They might also, on occasion, wear colors that are rather fall-like, those russet plaids and warm tweeds, even when fall remains on the far horizon. And as for indulging in pumpkin breads, pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin truffles? For the devoted autumnist, there's no waiting on the start of Pumpkin Spice Latte season. So the news that Underwood Family Farms just announced its Fall Harvest Festival 2018 dates on the last day of May must cheer those people who are eager to fast forward to the time of gourds and ghosties, a time that will arrive faster than a pumpkin travels toward a set of pins. (That is, of course, a pumpkin bowling reference, a longtime staple of the sweet family festival.) Are you feeling those fall feelings? Then grab your favorite pumpkin-scented pen and circle...

SEPT. 29 THROUGH OCT. 31... on the calendar, for that's when the Moorpark merriment shall reign. There shall be five theme weekends in all in 2018, with the first weekend spotlighting first responders (the name: Friends of the Farm). Farm Country Weekend, Antique Tractor Weekend, Wild West Weekend, and All About Pumpkins will festively follow. And while weekends during the Fall Harvest Festival see a lot of the autumnal action, Underwood stays open every day, making weekdays a prime time to visit, especially if you'd like a little bit of room in that ol' (and massive) pumpkin patch. Can you believe we're already discussing autumn-amazing traditions, like this biggie? Summer's official start is still to come, but best start dreaming those pumpkin-picking dreams and corn-noshing fancies pronto.

TICKETS... for the Fall Harvest Festival go on sale on Sept. 1, 2018.

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