Valentine's Surprise: A New Egg for the Big Bear Bald Eagles

Call it a wonderful sight for the love-iest stretch of the year: Jackie laid the first egg of her second clutch as father Shadow stood nearby.

Friends of Big Bear Valley

What to Know

  • Friends of Big Bear Valley operate a tree-high webcam
  • Jackie and Shadow have returned to the same nest near Big Bear Lake over the last several seasons
  • This is Jackie's second clutch of the winter; the first two eggs were "preyed upon by ravens" in January

THERE'S BEEN SOME DRAMA, and a few gasps, and several tugs of the heartstrings, and some solid stretches of peace and contentment along the way. What are talking about? The high-up-in-the-sky live feed from Big Bear Lake, the one that delivers moving images of the region's two famous bald eagles to fans around the world. And we do mean "moving" in a couple of different ways there. The camera delivers live looks of the gorgeous birds as they add sticks to their large nest, and rest, and send potential intruders on the run. And those live looks? Not only do they move before our eyes, but they move us, emotionally, as we watch the drama of nature unfold. And unfold it did on Monday, Feb. 8 when Jackie laid an egg at 2:42 in the afternoon.

THE "1ST EGG OF HER SECOND CLUTCH"... was a welcome sight for those watching the feed, especially since the famous pair lost both eggs of their first clutch to ravens in January. Adding some ardor and sweetness to the moving moment? "Shadow was by her side for much of the beautiful event," shared the Friends of Big Bear Valley team, which helms both the camera and the eagles' popular Facebook page. Jackie is "now resting" and keeping the egg toasty beneath her feathery form. What will the next five or so weeks bring? Best keep an eagle eye upon this amazing aerie and the adventures of the eagles who occupy it. Will a small eaglet be seen later in March? Fingers and feathers crossed.

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