Ventura County Fair: Pre-Sale on Now

The "Rooted in Tradition" event opens on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

WHEN SUMMER KICKS IN, officially, on the clocks and on the calendars and on the weather reports and there's no disputing it, no way, no how, a person can be forgiven for dreaming cotton candy dreams. That same person may also ponder how much time has passed — far too much — since they last pet a goat. And have they admired a Bundt cake, or a quilt, or a rocking chair, all superbly baked, quilted, and crafted, in the last year? It's a sad state when one realizes how devoid their existence has been of anything resembling a county fair. But summer's arrival means that deep devoid-a-tude is done, thank goodness, and you only need look around to see the evidence: San Diego's county fair got its traditional June start, Orange County is up in July, and very soon after that? The closest-to-the-ocean fair around constructs the midway and sets up the fried treat stands and pig-admiring areas. It's the...

VENTURA COUNTY FAIR... we're speaking of so on-the-nose-ly here — that whole "ocean" bit was the tip-off, we know — and it is ready to bulb-blink, sheep-baa, concert-jam again from Wednesday, Aug. 2 through Sunday, Aug. 13. But you don't have to wait for your chosen pig-communing, ice cream-devouring day to buy your ticket; the pre-sale is on now, meaning that you can "Save Money on Admission and Carnival Ride tickets!" Adult entry, during the pre-sale, is eleven bucks, and a senior admission is $8 (that's what a child's admission is, too). "Rooted in Tradition" is the theme for the 142nd Ventura County Fair, which will include rodeo, a plethora of classic eats (funnel cake, anyone? Everyone?), and the animal-sweet sights visitors love.

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