Ventura County Farm Day Is Ready to Sprout

Roam, stop, look, and learn at this free celebration of the region's agricultural providers.

Ventura County Farm Day

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 6, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • "Meet the Hands That Feed You" is the 2021 theme
  • Tours, activities, and giveaways are part of the free event, which will feature 15 stops; an online map can help visitors locate participants

HONEY, VEGETABLES, FLEECE, FRUIT: The bounty of our days, the beauty of our hours, the sustenance that keeps us moving forward and the important items that enhance our lives in countless ways? Chances are extremely strong that many of the marvels you see, taste, and touch during any given 24 hours once hailed from a farm. But the opportunity to go directly to the source, to meet the farmers, growers, and talented people who do so much for their communities, is a rare one, and we often must consider our local farms from afar. There is a route, though, to shortening the concept of "afar," at least for one educational, uplifting, and free-to-join celebration. It's...

VENTURA COUNTY FARM DAY, and it is a year away from celebrating its first decade. The ninth go-around for this glee-bringing, sunshine-spreading, animal-fabulous festivity is sprouting up, with all of the strength and spectacularness of a stately sunflower, on Saturday, Nov. 6. It's free for anyone who is keen to call upon the area's agricultural must-stops, places like Alpacas at Windy Hills, Blue Ridge Honey, and McGrath Family Farm, home to the radish-rad, turnip-terrific Baby Root Farm. An online Farm Day Trail Map will help self-guided explorers find each place, and learn just what the location makes, grows, or produces.

"MEET THE HANDS THAT FEED YOU"... is the 2021 theme, and it is the particularly urgent outlook that participants are taking to heart. "We sometimes take for granted how many workers are involved in the process of producing the foods we see in the store. The public will follow the growing journey — from prepping the soil, planting, caring for, harvesting and packaging — to finally shipping the food to market," says Mary Maranville, founder and CEO of the nonprofit Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG), the organization that helms Ventura County Farm Day.

READY FOR AN AGRI-ADVENTURE? "Ventura County Farm Day is a way to connect farmers with the public. It fosters a close connection between farmers, food, and the community," observed Mike Harris, a farmer at Baby Root Farm. Learn more now about this flavorful and fascinating farm-focused experience, and how to maximize your various visits to these Ventura County gems.

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