Ventura Ghost Walk

City of Ventura

IT'S NOT OCTOBER... But the weather is certainly right for a storied and spooky Saturday night out. And if it comes inside of a beautiful building like Ventura's own City Hall, even better. It isn't often any of us get to enter a civic institution on a weekend at night, and it isn't often that terrifying tales are part of the bargain. But that's the case with the Ghosts and Ghouls of City Hall event. 

DATE: It's happening on Saturday, Feb. 26, and price is $20. Richard Senate is leading. There is talk of a not-so-happy Lady in Red, and a bathroom with a scary spectral sight. Get details, brave people. Get details now. (We should also note that Mr. Senate says there are 11 spots left as of this typing, and, if you want to join, just be on the City Hall steps a bit before 8 p.m. and you can get your ticket then. No credit cards accepted, note.)

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