Venture Inside Big Horse's Colossal Corn Maze

Wend through over 11 acres of can't-see-above-'em stalks, in Temecula.

EVEN IF YOU PRACTICE... all summer, inside various games and apps and books filled with illustrated labyrinths, and even if you discuss various outcomes and possibilities with your brightest buds, and even if you start to dream in mazes, you still don't know exactly what awaits you as you step inside a corn maze in the fall. It could be a fairly direct way out, if you take the first two dozen turns in the totally correct order, give or take. Or you could spend a chunk of the afternoon going back around the same area, not sure if you went left or right the last time you were there. For corn mazes have a knack for changing each year, given the fact that corn, spoiler alert, can be planted in fresh ways. So if you've done the Big Horse Corn Maze in Temecula, you'll still be facing a new route out in 2018 at "the largest corn maze" in all of Southern California. And that mega maze will open to families, besties, couples, and anyone who'd like a fresh-air'd adventure, beginning on...

SATURDAY, SEPT. 29: That also happens to be the date for the first theme weekend at the harvest-y destination. The vibe of weekend #1? "That Old Time Rock and Roll." There are more such singular weekends to come, with cars, barbecue, a military salute, and an "end of harvest" celebration ahead. As for what's happening every weekend? Take a turn at the corn cannon, cheer on the pig races, or participate in another activity that feels as fall as a crisp breeze. There's a lot happening at Big Horse, beyond its 11-acre corn maze, so read all, get prices, get times, and get to plotting about finding that perfect pumpkin to purchase. What's that whinny in the distance? It's Big Horse, on its way. The season wraps on the final Sunday in October, the 28th, so clip clop.

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