Visit the Amalfi Coast, by Way of Hotel Casa del Mar

Enjoy dishes from The Grand Hotel Quisisana of Capri at the Santa Monica landmark, for a few days only.

THE CHANCE TO ZIP OVER TO CAPRI... for a night? We're headed for the closet, the one holding our suitcase, right now. But, alas, there is work, and there are appointments, and there are the people we tend to and love, and there are budgets, and there is life, with its notable non-stoppery in all things. Which doesn't necessarily mean that a trip to the idyllic isle is out of the question, one day, but it does mean that such a getaway may take some planning, and waiting, and anticipating. But you won't need to let your anticipation build for too long if you want to call upon one of Capri's great destinations, call upon it in the culinary sense, as January melds into February. For the Grand Hotel Quisisana, one of the elegant jewels of Italy's Amalfi Coast, is paying a delicious visit to Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, specifically that elegant jewel's own Catch restaurant. The visit is only on for a few days, from Jan. 29 through Feb. 3, 2018, but you can expect several...

SUMPTUOUS SUP-WORTH DISHES... that hail from the Grand Hotel Quisisana, dishes created by Executive Chef Stefano Mazzone. Chef Mazzone will be in Santa Monica to prepare a menu that he also made at the Capri hotel, entrees and desserts rife with Caprese charm and flavor. Those tempting dishes will include offerings like Parmigiana di Melanzane in piedi (eggplant Parmigiana) and Vitello Tonnato (veal in tuna sauce). There are several other hearty choices like sea bass, beef, and chicken, as well as a pair of desserts, such as the Baba con Gelato alla Crema, Rum e Vette (baba with ice cream, rhum, and raisins). It's a hotel partnership of the most storied level, with two historic properties, located on different continents, uniting in a special event spotlighting great food, an ocean-exquisite setting at Casa del Mar, and all of the details and delights that come from dining at a grand hotel. But, in this instance, you're dining at two grand hotels, in a sense, at the same time, making for one memorable Capri-meets-Santa-Monica evening. 

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