Visit the Redwoods, Virtually, for This Candlelit Tradition

Take a "Candlelight Walk in the Redwoods" from anywhere you are, all while helping out the Redwood Parks Conservancy.

Redwood Parks Conservancy

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 11
  • $25 Family Ticket; $100 Luminary Sponsor; $25 Pay It Forward Ticket; the funds help support the Redwood Parks Conservancy's mission
  • The contemplative and uplifting event is marking its 32nd year

TREES? They're at the top of many minds as December begins, with people pondering Christmas tree purchases, or finding fun faux trees for the mantel or porch, or shopping for colorful greeting cards depicting trees,or hanging the countless decorations that feature shrubs decked out in seasonal splendor. But there are other trees to consider, and while we can't bring these particular plants into our homes, at least in a physical sense, we can enjoy them while helping out a tree-helping organization. It's the redwoods we're singing about here, or caroling over, really, those towering titans of Northern California, the epic icons that seem to so effortlessly weather the passing of the centuries.

BUT EFFORT? It's very much involved, and we can thank dedicated human stewards for keeping an eye on these inspiring, ecosystem-essential, oh-so-spectacular giants. The Redwood Parks Conservancy is a stalwart on this scene, and, each year, for the last 32 years, the conservancy has helmed a "Candlelight Walk in the Redwoods," as a way to raise funds for the group's many goals. The quiet-of-mind, soaring-of-soul ramble will be virtual in 2021, much like it was in 2020, which means you can savor the peace, beauty, and treeful sights of the happening from home. A Family Ticket is $25, and you can be a Luminary Sponsor for $100 (the goodie packages are sold out, but you're still welcome to select this option). And if you'd like to pay it forward, so someone else can be inspired by this event? That ticket exists, too, for $25; the good feeling you'll get is priceless.

DETAILS... for the Saturday, Dec. 11 happening are on the Redwood Parks Conservancy site, as well as more information about what the organization does on behalf of these timeless trees, and the natural world that surrounds them, benefits from their presence, and gives back to the redwoods, too. Ready for a from-afar ramble among some true Golden State superstars, during the most treeful season of the year? Find out more, and get your ticket, at this page now.

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