Yosemite National Park

Visit Your Favorite National Park for Free

Enjoy complimentary entry to Joshua Tree National Park or another fee-charging park on April 16.

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CELEBRATE OUR TREASURES: Every time you roll through a majestic gate or entryway, say "thank you" to a ranger, pick up litter, enjoy a sunset while perched atop a boulder, savor a moonbow near the bottom of a waterfall, or marvel at a tall, tall, like-really-super-tall tree, you're celebrating our national parks. Those meaningful honors can be paid every day in so many ways, but in April we take time out to enjoy National Park Week, a multi-day stretch that lines-up lively, fun, and rewarding events at a number of monuments, historic sites, and parks. And kicking it all off on Saturday, April 16, the first day of National Park Week 2022? It's a free day, meaning people visiting a fee-charging park will not need to pay at the gate, booth, or office. There are over 100 of those particular destinations within the National Park Service system, including several located in California.

JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK... is one such spectacular spot, and Yosemite National Park is another, as is Death Valley National Park. Even if you can't swing by your glorious go-to for a gratis day in the sunshine, there are several sweet goings-on during National Park Week, which concludes on April 24. The 2022 theme "sPark Connections" will inspire several special days, including "sPark Discovery" on April 16 (yep, that's the free day), "sPark Creativity" on April 17 (connect with your park inspiration), and "sPark Action" on April 22 (in honor of Earth Day). For all of the special "sPark" days coming up, visit the National Park Week site now, which includes tips and tools that can help you plan your National Park Week adventure, with information on an app, podcast, and other experience-enhancing offerings created by NPS.

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