Volcan Valley’s U-Pick Apple Season to Open

Mark the Friday after Labor Day for this delicious turn of apple-tastic events.

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LISTING ALL OF THE GOOD-FOR-YOU GOODIES... that reach bumper crop status at the height of summertime would take a long while, it is absolutely true. After all, you can find places to pick squash and spinach and cucumbers and celery and various green things around Southern California in the warmest season of the year, and loads upon loads of various berries, too. But when Labor Day arrives, and, with it, the month of September, our pick-oriented outings begin to hone in upon a particular pomme, one that rocks a stem, and seeds, and the capability to make a turnover or piece of pie sing with cinnamon-y zing. It's the apple, of course, and apple-picking season is on fast approach in our most orchard-tastic regions. One of those, of course, is Julian, the known far/wide destination for dig-in slices of gooey, spicy apple-deep desserts. But if you want go apple picking, a most nostalgic pursuit, in addition to seeking out apple pie, turn your sights to spots like...

VOLCAN VALLEY APPLE FARM, which revealed that it will open for apple-seeking, ready-to-pick guests on Friday, Sept. 7. The farm'll be open Friday through Monday during the apple-iest time of year, and there shall be cider, too. And if you want to time your visit to other doings popping up, we mean cropping up, during Julian's famous Apple Season? You can check out what's head, from a pie contest to Oktoberfest. Get the Volcan Valley info now, then start rounding up all of the people you swore that, one day, you'd do something like this with, for the time is now, the apples are growing brighter, and September is on the apple-scented wind.

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