Walk Among the Redwoods on a Dazzling New Sky Walk

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ELA/Amy Kumler
The new Redwood Sky Walk in Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo showcases some of California's most impressive trees. The $4M canopy trail rises more than 100 feet above the forest floor in the city's community forest, which includes California's oldest zoo and tree titans rivaling those of nearby Redwood National Park and the Avenue of the Giants," shared Richard Stenger of Redwood Coast Parks. The attraction provides stunning vistas in all directions.
ELA/Amy Kumler
The series of suspended bridges and tree platforms overlooks the zoo and nature preserve, which consists of 70 acres of redwoods, much of it old growth.
ELA/Amy Kumler
The Sequoia Park Zoo, a fun-sized experience dedicated to preserving native animals of the Redwood Coast and rare species of the world, features otters, local salmon, a Northern spotted owl and North American porcupine, bald eagles, red pandas, monkeys, bush dogs, flamingos and more.
ELA/Amy Kumler
Admission to the Sky Walk is included with entry to the zoo. Masks and social distancing protocols are in place for most guests." Up for something of an unusual challenge? There's a "bonus adventure leg with square open mesh decking," which makes for "... a thrilling but safe back and forth sway.
ELA/Amy Kumler
The Redwood Sky Walk site has answers to questions about safety, the ascent ramp ("which is nearly identical to the height of the tallest known living coast redwood"), ADA compliance, and what visitors can expect as they journey over the picturesque spans, which stretch for 1,104 "linear" feet.
ELA/Amy Kumler
The eco-adventure was built by the Portland-based company Synergo, which specializes in aerial forest experiences and uses state-of-the-art environmental engineering techniques to protect the trees. It is slated to open on June 4, 2021. To find out more connect-with-nature ideas around beautiful Humboldt County, explore all of the regional experiences and events now.
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