Wander Under Ancient Redwoods at a Magical Candlelight Walk

The holiday tradition, a favorite for over three decades, supports the Redwood Parks Conservancy.

Redwood Parks Conservancy

What to Know

  • 33rd Annual Candlelight Walk Through the Ancient Redwoods
  • Dec. 3 (sold out) and Dec. 4 at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Orick
  • $25 online; children 12 and under admitted free

BUZZING, BREEZING, BLOWING? There are plenty of things that can happen when you're standing in a grove featuring some of the tallest trees on the planet. Unseen critters are often abuzz, a foggy wind might blow (or breeze, if conditions are calm), raindrops will bloop-bloop-bloop on the leaves of various plants, and the occasional bugling? Well, a noble elk might be in the general vicinity. But what we don't experience that often is a warm glow, unless it's the warm glow we're feeling inside, a common but uncommonly deep emotion when encountering these incredible, sky-sweeping specimens. Glow is a go, however, at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park each fall when a much-loved event returns, all to raise funds for the Redwood Parks Conservancy.

THE GLOW? It hails from gently flickering sources of illumination lining a pathway at the park, something that's spectacularly seen during the Candlelight Walk Through the Ancient Redwoods. The evening event is back for its 33rd celebration, though perhaps "celebration" is too energetic and frenetic a term to describe this peaceful perambulation. It's all about communing with nature, and the small sources of light near the ground, and enjoying the holidays in a quieter and timeless way. So few yuletide-adjacent events offer that quiet element, meaning this happening always proves to be quite popular. Saturday, Dec. 3 is now sold out, in fact, but tickets are available for Sunday, Dec. 4 as of this typing.

WHERE TO GO FOR THE GLOW: You'll want to head north, north, north, beyond Eureka, to this remarkable park to enjoy this once-a-year saunter under the stars. Stars that seem, from our way-below vantage point, to exist just feet above the tippy-top reaches of the redwoods we adore. Directions and details? Flicker flicker: They may be found by following the flicker to this site.

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