Catalina Island

Warm up to Catalina Island's Winter Deals

Snag a boat-hotel combo package, and enjoy your discounted Avalon adventure, through March 2020.

Catalina Express

WHAT DO YOU CALL... winter weather that has some springlike touchstones? Is it spinter? Or perhaps wringtime? Creating a mash-up name isn't necessary, not when there are getaway deals to peruse and limited time frame to keep in mind. And if you've been thinking of making a vacation plan, and you've been hoping the weather would slightly less brisk, you're in some kind of luck: The "Best of Winter" mid-week deals have opened at 16 Catalina Island hotels, and they'll keep on keepin' on right through March 2020.

WHAT DO THOSE DEALS... have store? Catalina Express, plus a bevy of the boat outfit's hotel partners, are behind the packages, which pair-up overnight stays with rides over to the island (and, you bet, back again). If you can spare a weeknight or two, and you'd like everything wrapped up in a money-saving bow, consider zipping over to Avalon for some time out at the Hotel Metropole, or Holiday Inn Catalina Island Resort, or Hotel Atwater. While some of the packages will stick to the accommodations and boat trip, others have some perks folded in, like "two splits of sparkling wine on arrival day" at Hotel Atwater.

HAPPILY PERUSING... what each place has to offer, and the steps to take to lock in that discount, is your next step. The weather is feeling mighty wringlike, or, er, springlike as January 2020 comes to a close, and those mid-week "Best of Winter" deals are flourishing on Catalina Island. Keep in mind, too, that a number of happenings are ahead around Avalon, like the Annual Avalon Harbor Water Cleanup in late February and the Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon in March. True, those fall on weekends, but arriving earlier in the week to enjoy a discounted night or two sounds pretty plummy.

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