Humboldt County

Watch Murals Rise at the Eureka Street Art Festival

The picturesque town will celebrate the creative spirit over several sunshiny days.


What to Know

  • Aug 1 through 6, 2022
  • Eureka's Bridge District
  • A number of "large-scale world-class" works of art will be painted as visitors watch

MURAL MAVENS... know that the Golden State is absolutely laden with large and lovely works, the sort of spectacular pieces that appear on the sides of buildings, and in public spaces, all to tell a highly visual story of a place and the people who live there, or simply tap into some ethereal and moving ideas and inspirations. But art aficionados usually find out about an intriguing mural, or buzzy pieces of street art, several weeks, months, or years after it has been created, or even decades. So the opportunity to watch alfresco art-making as it happens is an appealing one, especially when it will take place in a spot that is famously picturesque.

EUREKA... is that beautiful burg, a Humboldt County hamlet that is already known for its creative character and vivacious Victorian buildings (the Carson Mansion is certainly the most celebrated, but there are oodles of atmospheric abodes to admire around town). And over the first six days of August 2022, more art shall rise, around the destination's Bridge District, as artists create all sorts of splendid, see-it-from-the-sidewalk gems. Painters will hail from the area as well as points far away, giving the Eureka Street Art Festival a festive flair (flair that will be further enhanced by "artist talks, daily tours, and special events").

"A COLORFUL WEEK IN THE STREETS": Eager to know more, follow along, and check out a map? It's all here. Want to know more about the festival, which began in 2018? That's on the site, too. Something sweet and civic and smart that other mural-loving California towns might be inspired by? The festival has put the spotlight "on a different area of the city" each year (and rounds it all out with a block party). Cheers to you, Eureka, for keeping art at the heart of your city, and inviting fans of the imaginative outdoor expressions to enjoy a bounty of beautiful works.

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