Week-Old Otter Pups Summon Sighs at Santa Barbara Zoo

The cute quartet was born at the animal park to Gail, the zoo's Asian small-clawed otter, on Nov. 12.

Santa Barbara Zoo

What to Know

  • Four Asian small-clawed otter pups were born on Nov. 12
  • Gail and Peeta, the pups' mother and father, will spend time with them out of view of the public
  • The pups could make their public debut in a month or two, but check the zoo's social pages for new announcements

THERE ARE TRUTHS... that all of us know deep down to our very core, even if we don't ponder them at length. That last piece of pie sitting on the Thanksgiving buffet? Everyone at the dinner table is probably thinking about it. Coming across your favorite film, even if it only has 30 minutes to go? You're totally finishing it. A photo featuring four wiggly, super-soft baby otters? Anyone viewing such a sweet snapshot will instantly imagine how it might feel to cuddle such a cute quartet of whiskery wonderfulness. And that very photo is bringing the furry feels on Nov. 18, thanks to the latest announcement from Santa Barbara Zoo. The zoo just welcomed...

Santa Barbara Zoo

FOUR ADORABLE PUPS... on Friday, Nov. 13. They were born to Gail, the animal park's Asian small-clawed otter. The infants' father is Peeta, and their older brother? Why that would be the delightful Berbudi, who is a big boy at 4 years old. Gail, Peeta, and Berbudi will live with the otter pups behind the scenes, giving the youngsters a chance to "mature and learn how to swim," a zoo statement revealed. Your best bet, for now, if you're otterly enchanted? Keep an eye on Santa Barbara Zoo's social pages for snugglesome pictures, fresh cuteness, and hints as to when the pups might make their public debut (it could be a month or two). The social first update revealed this happy news: The on-site care team has deemed the pups to be healthy. Gail and Peeta, by the by, are sponsored by two kind humans, Peter & Pieter Crawford-van Meeuwen.

PLAY A PART: If you're inspired by that kindness, you can become a Foster Feeder sponsor, to help support the little otters' journey to grown-up-hood. Find out more now.

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