Welcome the Swallows to San Juan Capistrano

Welcome the wee birds on Monday, March 19 at the landmark mission.

WHEN IT COMES TO PLACES... and the much-loved, oft-told tales that swirl in their vicinity, you can't find many stories that are as adored and long-standing as the swallows and San Juan Capistrano. In fact, you likely are humming "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano" now, and, if that vintage ditty isn't in your head, then the knowledge that the small and sprightly bird and its penchant for returning to the handsome village every March, as part of its yearly migration, is, most definitely. Of course, recent years have seen a dearth in swallows come St. Joseph's Day, or March 19, the hallowed occasion on which the swallows are welcomed back after migrating from Argentina. New building in the area had kept the birds at bay, but a full complement of creative efforts, including playing bird calls and constructing convincing, ready-to-move-in nests, have helped invite the winged superstars back. Now the...

SWALLOWS ARE RETURNING, hurrah, and staffers at Mission San Juan Capistrano have been noting just where swallows are popping up around the historic grounds (thank social media for your ability to stay in-the-know, as far as where the swallows are showing up). If you're eager to join the welcome committee, and to enjoy the mission grounds, the mission bells, and the many spring flowers around the storied spread, be in San Juan Capistrano on Monday, March 19 for Saint Joseph's Day and The Return of the Swallows Celebration. Mariachi music, the ringing of the bells, a talk on cliff swallows, and so much more is on the festive schedule. Admission is $12, and if you are able to attend, know that you'll be a part of a glad-hearted gathering that has roots in the 1920s.

TO FIND MORE INFO... on the swallows, the mission, and beautiful San Juan Capistrano, starting with the mission's main HQ is a fine bet. And being in Capistrano, with the swallows darting overhead (fingers crossed), and those legendary bells pealing? It's about as classic a California event as historic happenings get.

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