Whale Watching Art Lessons in Dana Point

Kids will discover how to create ocean-cool pictures via video feed with artist Wyland while aboard the Dana Pride.

DRAWING A WHALE... back when you were a tot? You probably either started with a) the whale's fluke, which has that quitessential two-swoop shape or b) the whale's blowhole. And did you give your mammoth mammalian subject a big smile? When you were 5 or 6 years old, several of your artistic subjects probably bore a big grin, even flowers and the sun and whales. Learning to translate what we see in and around the ocean, though, onto a piece of paper probably never happened while we were actually on a boat, at the ocean, when we were kids. There is a chance, though, through the end of April, to give your own kids the opportunity to take an art lesson while on the Dana Pride at Dana Point Harbor. For Dana Wharf Whale Watching and The Wyland Foundation have teamed up on Art Lessons in the Wild, a nifty program that both gives visitors an insight into how artist Wyland creates marine-focused artworks and lets children enjoy an art lesson led by Wyland via video feed.

IT'S HAPPENING EVERY SATURDAY... through April 28, 2018, it's open to children ages 3 to 12, there's a $5 donation request, which "...will benefit Wyland's non-profit foundation's efforts to bring communities together for clean water and healthy oceans," and participating children can join a two-hour whale watching excursion, for free, following the lesson (yep, they must be accompanied by a paying adult). There are some details to this happening, including ticket purchasing, times, and such, so read all before turning your own vessel in the direction of Dana Point. There's a contest, too, to be judged by Wyland, with a "framed, limited edition signed and numbered giclee print on paper of 'The First Breath' valued at over $2900" as the top prize. If you've seen Wyland's mega whale murals around California, you know this is a rare and awesome chance to weave together art, ocean love, and a fun Saturday outing. All the details? Take a deep dive now.

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