Whalefest Monterey Dives Into the Virtual Ocean

Enjoy the beloved blowhole bash, from home, over four fascinating, fluke-filled nights.

Fisherman's Wharf Association

SPYING SPYHOPPING IN THE DISTANCE? As in, a whale popping its giant noggin over the ocean's surface, all to get a keen look at what's happening above the waves? It's a true thrill to see, even if the boat you're standing on isn't in the whale's immediate vicinity. In fact, many people kindly observe whales from a respectful distance, for the mammoth mammals have places to be (and we definitely want to give them a wide and safe path). So learning that there'll be a bit more distance involved between you and any whales you're admiring when the next Whalefest Monterey splashes into our worlds? It's absolutely a-ok. For rather than standing on a boat, or a bluff, or a beach, all to see whales cruising along the Pacific blue, cetacean fans will be celebrating from home. For the annual wintertime party? It's going fully virtual in 2021.

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR? Rather than making it a weekend-long affair, the festival will take place over four nights. Make that four fluke-filled nights, for everything to do with our whale friends will be in the spotlight on our screens. "In place of the traditional scientific Symposium, exhibits, entertainment and activities around Fisherman’s Wharf; each night's program features a variety of fascinating talks and cutting-edge presentations by world-renowned scientists; videos from local marine, environment and sustainability-oriented non-profits sharing their goals, research and activities; history walks, arts and crafts demonstrations, an eclectic array of mostly original music performances, and more for all ages," is the organizers' take on this whale of an online bash.

WHALEFEST MONTEREY IS FREE, and made for an all-ages audience, and people are invited to check out the talks, videos, and more from wherever they're located. And the epic pods of whales that swim by the California coast each winter? They have devoted fans around the planet. The 2021 dates are Jan. 26 through 29 and the times are 6:30 to 8:30 each evening. The presenter of the 11th annual fest? It's Fisherman's Wharf Association.

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