Whalefest Monterey Will Fête the Ocean Icons

Conservation events, educational talks, and activities for families are part of the two-day symposium.

Whalefest Monterey

What to Know

  • March 19 and 20, 2022
  • "Dozens of interactive exhibits, live music and other activities for all ages" are on the schedule
  • Free

TAKING A DEEP DIVE... into the many topics that swirl around whales? You can do so by checking out the sites of several conservation-minded institutions, viewing some acclaimed nature documentaries, or journeying to where whales gather, or near where they gather, for a weekend-long symposium. And such a symposium will be making a science-cool splash near one of the world's great marine sanctuaries, just ahead of spring's start, when Whalefest Monterey swims back to the peninsula. Scientists, thinkers, experts, and fans of the fluke will gather for a host of talks, activities, and a fascinating chance to look at where whale research is as we swim further into 2022.

MARCH 19 AND 20... are the dates, and the itinerary is a busy one.  "NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of ocean protection and the 30th anniversary of the local Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary," share organizers, while presentations on coastal fog, and whale rescue operations, are also on the schedule. An exploration of "the diverse fishing cultures" that have long been part of the Monterey community is part of the weekend, while fly fishing will also be considered. And the condor? Like the whale, the large bird is also a natural icon of the area, and it will have its time in the symposium sun.

THE WEEKEND IS FREE, and with so much happening, you'll want to "spyhop" at this site, to see just the events you'd like to attend. Where to go once you're in magnificent Monterey? It's all happening near Old Fisherman's Wharf, at Heritage Harbor.

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