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Winchester Mystery House Gardens Reopen

The famous San Jose mansion remains closed, but its airy surroundings are again welcoming guests, with a few new policies in place.

Winchester Mystery House

A SHADOW-FILLED HALLWAY? Stairs that run straight into a solid wall? A window in a floor or a room that holds a distinct chill? These are some of the haunted hallmarks that phantom-seeking fans have long associated with the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. But there are more delights to behold at the famously eerie attraction, and they involve fresh air, cool breezes, copious amounts of sunshine, and pretty plants. We're talking about the Victorian gardens that flower adjacent to the known-everywhere abode, the elegant pathways and stroll-ready sections that give the mansion's alfresco character plenty of old-fashioned charm. And while plenty of visitors do call upon the gardens after taking an indoor tour, the focus, for now, will be solely on the outdoor space. For...

THE WINCHESTER GARDENS ARE NOW OPEN, even as the house itself remains temporarily closed, which it has been since the coronavirus closure began in mid-March 2020. Visitors can take a "self-guided garden tour," one that includes 20 stops, all while consulting a digital map and audio guide (a link to both will be provided once you purchase a ticket). There are four acres in all to explore, and the number of visitors at any one time will be limited to follow the protocols on social distancing. Be sure to show with your face mask, too, and read up on any other policies before you arrive. As for tickets, which must be purchased online?

THEY'RE AVAILABLE NOW: An adult ticket is $19.99, a senior ticket is priced at $15.99, and children's tickets are $9.99. And something that is sweet and not spooky at all? If you buy an admission to the self-guided garden tour, you'll get 50% off your mansion entry when the interiors of the Winchester Mystery House reopen.

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