Winter Near the Water: Blue Lantern Deal

Take a midweek getaway and get your second night for half off.


BUSTLE, FINE, BUT HUSTLE, TOO? How dear December got saddled with a third of everyone's must-dos, social engagements, last-minute appointments, and shopping trips we're not sure, except for the obvious point: The holiday season seems custom-made for heavy-duty hustle and bustle. Of course, one could de-hustle and de-bustle their calendar, and probably upset nobody in the process, because, truly, everyone gets that wound-up feeling that seems to be what the 12th month of the year is very much about, at least nowadays. But simply canning a lunch or two, or a mall visit, isn't going to cut it. This is the time to go and stare at the ocean, and to do it during the week, if it can be managed with work and obligations and life and such. Could you also leave your various small screens off while you stare at the screen? Your email will be there in an hour, promise. If you're ready to do just that, there is a deal afoot in Dana Point, at the just-across-the-road-from-the-ocean Blue Lantern Inn. For sure, there are gas fireplaces in the rooms, and some Pacific views depending on where you are, but there's the better knowledge that you've unplugged for a few weekdays. Better than unplugged, you've told the hustle and bustle to get lost.

DATES AND DETAILS: The nights in the deal are Sunday through Thursday, and it goes like this: Spend one night, get half off the second. Nicely, this is on through March 30, if you really can't cut it during December (it kicks off on Nov. 30). Maybe a holiday gift to a special friend, for you to share come January? There's also a one-night option on, if you can't cut two, with 15% off (yep, there are blocked-out dates and such, so read the fine print). And nicest of all? Dana Point's 40 Nights of Holiday Lights kicks off on Nov. 26, if you don't want to bid the season fully goodbye during your getaway. (Think sparkle, lights, and a 50-foot GlowMotion Tree, which we suddenly realized we've been needing all our lives.) For more to-knows, check out the elegant inn's site, and plan your winter two-nighter near the water, de-hustling and de-bustling. 

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