Lake Tahoe

WinterWonderGrass Is the Bridge from Snow to Spring

Squaw Valley's sound-big bash rolls out the nice notes as March makes its exit.

Scott Stoughton

SHAKING OFF WINTER? Stowing our stretchy pants is a start. Putting away our heaviest sweater, the one we wear each night when we watch our shows, is a solid move. And saying goodbye to the canisters of cocoa? We don't have to do that quite yet, though the days of lemonade and iced tea are on the way. There are many routes for traveling out of winter's backdoor and into the soft and chilly sunshine of spring, but for music fans in the Golden State? One of the "ships" they take between the two seasons involves a major three-day music festival in Lake Tahoe. It's the WinterWonderGrass Music & Brew Festival, and it will be spreading the sweet tangy goodness to one and all from...

MARCH 27-29, 2020... in Squaw Valley. Yes, for sure, that's officially springtime, but if you know the SV, in the LT, then you won't want to put your heaviest sweater in a trunk just yet. You should also arrive with a sense of joy, a love of dancing (or at least grooving in place), and a devotion to some of the charming touchstones of a large-scale music festival. The Infamous Stringdusters will be playing in 2020, and The Devil Makes Three, too, and The War and Treaty will call upon the mountain music meet-up. Will you do some schussing after sunrise, or maybe some riding before noon, before finding your way to the concert as the day winds down? Plenty of people find some wintry pursuits while there.

FOR DETAILS, the times, more headliners, and how to make the most of this winter-spring fling, twang your way to a ticket now.

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