Witches Shall Joyfully Paddle in Ventura Harbor

The just-before-Halloween happening is open to anyone who'd love to join the celebratory event, which is summoning its 3rd anniversary.

Witches Paddle 2021

What to Know

  • Ventura Harbor Village
  • Friday, Oct. 29 from 3 to 4:30 p.m.
  • Free to join

THE SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN? There are so many merry and uplifting ways to connect with the ebullience of the eeriest season. You might decorate a yard for the neighborhood kids (and adults) to enjoy, or bake bat-shaped cookies for friends, or write a few terrifying tales to thrill your own family. And if you're near Ventura Harbor Village on just the right day, you might load up your paddleboard, or find a local place to rent one, and make for the annual Community Witches Paddle. These on-the-water whimsies have become true holiday staples around California in recent years, drawing both playful participants and those on-the-land onlookers who snap pictures of the wonderful witches "flying" across the water's surface. And while various witches' paddles may not yet outnumber the Golden State's many lighted boat parades at Christmastime, the atmospheric Octobertime events are on the rise.

OCT. 29... is the 2021 date for the vivacious Ventura gathering, which will paddle at 3 o'clock. Anyone is invited to join, and if you have your witchly garb, be sure to don it for your spin around the picturesque harbor. Kayaks? They're perfect, too, if you're not a paddleboard person. You'll want to make for "C" dock on the Friday before Halloween to join the ensorcelled scene, and, if you need to rent a paddleboard, Ventura Boat Rentals is the suggested stop. Intrigued by the charming and magical notion of witches heading to the waves for an enchanting and splashy spin? Look to Morro Bay, another California spot that's become synonymous with the sweet seasonal sight.

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