World Giraffe Day Stands Tall

The celebratory, conservation-minded occasion honors the beautiful mammals on June 21 each year.

Diana Robinson Photography

REACHING FOR THE STARS? Standing tall? Going head-and-shoulders above the rest? Giraffes, being especially giraffe-y, and closer to the sky than the rest of us, have a neck, or, er, a knack for rising above any situation. It makes sense, then, that they have their own annual celebration, one that spotlights a host of giraffe-based issues, with a focus on conservation. It's World Giraffe Day, and it grandly walks into our lives, with all of the grandeur of a giraffe on the move, on June 21 each year. "World Giraffe Day is an initiative of GCF and the celebrations are joined by zoos, schools, NGOs, governments, institutions and conservation organisations around the world join by hosting events on 21 June to raise awareness and support for giraffe in the wild," is a bit of background on the occasion. You can find out more, and donate, here.

WHERE TO SEE THESE STATELY BEINGS? There are several spots around the Golden State to find giraffe-based bliss, but not every animal park has reopened. A few that have or will soon say "hello" again, following the coronavirus closures? San Diego Zoo Safari Park and The Living Desert in Palm Desert are both open as of World Giraffe Day, and Santa Barbara Zoo reopens on June 23. All three parks are home to giraffes, so stop by, on any day, to learn more about the magnificent, tree-chomping, spot-rocking, heart-thrilling mammals.

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