World Migratory Bird Day Takes Flight

Celebrate fabulous flyers on their sky-high journeys alongside other avian fans.

Barbara Rich

THAT ONE BIRD, the hummingbird or jay or gull or crow that hangs around your gate, or the flowering shrub in your neighbor's yard, or on the lamp at the end of the block? You know her so well you've given her a name, snapped her photo, and pointed her out to your kids on multiple occasions. But there are some birds in our world that are of the "passing through" variety. They're on the move, with places to reach, and we give them a wide berth as they follow various ancient flyways. These are the migratory birds, and there are many to see around California, if you keep a keen eye, and maybe some binoculars handy. To honor our on-the-go sky friends, and to learn more about migration patterns and visiting flocks, there is...

INTERNATIONAL MIGRATORY BIRD DAY, which has alighted in our lives on the second Saturday in May since 1993, when the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center created the look-up-in-wonder occasion. That's second Saturday is May 9 in 2020, so you may want to spend a few moments either looking out your window, or up and over your fence, to spy whatever flying-by tourists you might see. But there's plenty to do online, too, including several virtual talks and events popping up around the country. Looking for coloring pages or various activities associated with the day? You can find those, too, on the info-filled, feather-fun site.

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