World's Record on the Midway

A wheel buff is going for one very long ride at the California State Fair.

26+ HOURS ON THE WHEEL: The California State Fair, which opens on Thursday, July 12 in Sacramento, has been getting the usual fanfare for its fried foods and pig races and mega concerts and its blue-ribbon baked goods (we love typing the words "mega concerts" and "blue-ribbon baked goods" in the same sentence, whenever possible). But let's also give props to one Christina Lochmiller, who is going to have a very special day at the state fair on Monday, July 23. Let's make that "days," rather, since the Roseville resident will be boarding the fair's famous Ferris wheel at 5 a.m. on that Monday and staying on it for 26 and a half hours. That's hours, not minutes, meaning she'll be wrapping up her ride on Tuesday morning just in time for breakfast. (Here's hoping they'll open the corn dog stand for her.) Yep, it is a world record attempt, and yep, it is for all for a very good cause.

AND THAT CAUSE IS... Raising money and awareness for the UC Davis Children's Hospital. Nice, right? There are ways to donate from afar in honor of Christina's ride as well as at the fair itself on that Monday. And if you're wondering, yep, she gets bathroom breaks -- five minutes each hour -- but sleeping is a no-no. Could you do it? And how many revolutions is that, all told? Three hundred? Four hundred? Here's hoping Christina keeps count, takes in some pretty views, raises a lot of cash, and gets a few high fives after her long, long wheel roll.

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