The California Fall Color Blog Is on Autumn-Watch

We may be traveling via our screens at the moment, but fall foliage fans have plenty to admire already.

Ed Bannister

SHIMMER ON SCREEN: Finding that dreamlike fall foliage moment? You'll want to locate a glorious grove of golden cottonwood trees, or some colorful quaking aspens, and then watch the leaves shine in the sunlight, and flutter on the breeze, and sport that particular shimmer that belongs to a wavy branch on a September or October afternoon. For many of us, that shimmer will be seen on-screen in 2020, due to the pandemic and the active fires throughout the state. Keeping close to home but still wanting to enjoy some fall beauty? Admiring nature as it takes its course is a feeling shared by many autumn-obsessed Californians. And for those Californians, there is a special blog, called...

CALIFORNIA FALL COLOR: Travel pro John Poimiroo has helmed it for several years, along with the help of those fans who write in and send photos of their leaf-lovely neighborhoods or adventures. And while Mr. Poimiroo will sometimes post in August to alert eager readers to "early signs" of fall's imminent return, he often begins to regularly share sent-in snapshots, and his own, when September arrives. And over the second week of September 2020? There've been several posts featuring beautiful photos from Onion Valley and Berkeley, too. There are also pieces devoted to the science of changing leaves, as well as climate change, so a foliage buff might take some time and scroll down, all to get up on the 2020 entries.

WE MAY BE CLOSE TO HOME... these days, but the joy of nature, and its rhythms, may still be experienced virtually and vicariously. If you're in a fall mood, spend some time on this beautiful blog, and check out the California Fall Color Map, which is still mostly green leaves. In six or seven weeks? It will be full of red and maroon leaves, signifying peak foliage color or color that's just past its prime.

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