Yosemite National Park

Wow Over Fresh Snapshots of Yosemite's ‘Glowing' Waterfall

Several new photos have been posted, giving fall fans at home a chance to admire the ethereal, sun-meets-water experience.


What to Know

  • Yosemite National Park
  • The annual "lighting" of Horsetail Fall takes place over two February weeks, weather permitting, each year
  • The park is open but reservations are required and visitor restrictions are in place

THE ANNUAL H2O AGLOW EXPERIENCE, the one that happens in Yosemite National Park each February, is coming to a close for another year, but there are ways to see just what went on, with all that sunlit water, thanks to a bevy of fresh photographs. Yosemite Hospitality, the park's official concessioner, has been sharing pictures so that people around the world can dip into some of the dazzlement and mystery that this wintertime spectacular offers from home. And what happens, exactly, during this world-famous wintertime spectacular? A glow-strong shine seems to settle upon Yosemite Valley's Horsetail Fall, courtesy of the setting sun, giving the powerful waterfall a fiery and fantastical appearance.

PEOPLE HAVE JOURNEYED FROM AFAR... to capture a glimpse of this marvel of a meeting, a conference that involves the soft light of our nearest star, powerful water tumbling over a great granite cliffside, and time. And people continued that tradition in 2021, with a few safety-minded changes in place (such as advance park reservations and restrictions on parking within the viewing zone). The result? Brand-new images of Horsetail Fall looking orange-awesome and misty and magnificent are adding surreal beauty to our social pages.

CHECK OUT A FEW NEW PHOTOS... on the Yosemite Facebook feed, snapshots all captured by visitors to the park, after you get the official story on this splendid late-February happening. Already planning your 2022 visit? We won't even write "spoiler alert" ahead of what we're about to type: Horsetail Fall will still be in the same place, and the sun will still be shining upon it at just the right time, too. Which means that future visitors can expect the same soul-stirring show of light, water, air, and a pinch of eternity, too, to make it all extra magical. Weather permitting, of course, but permit, it often and kindly does.

Photo: Horsetail Fall seen in a previous year; for 2021 photographs, click and click.

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