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Yosemite Is Hosting a Virtual Campfire

Set up a pillow fort, or a little tent in the yard, and join Yosemite National Park rangers for a special way to mark Junior Ranger Day.

Images By Tang Ming Tung

FINDING MEANINGFUL WAYS... to mark National Park Week, while knowing that you won't be in your favorite national park to celebrate? It's time to get creative, at-homers. You might organize all of those photos from past national park adventures, or print out some coloring pages, the ones depicting Joshua trees or Half Dome or the sequoias, or put on the uplifting playlist you listened to when you visited Lassen Volcanic National Park a couple of years back. And if you've got kids? There's a super way to plug into the power of our parks, all while enjoying a "campout," too. The campout part? Make a sheet fort, between two chairs, or pitch a little tent on the patio, and then tune in with your tots on Saturday, April 18 to a livestream straight from Yosemite National Park. For...

THE WATERFALL-LADEN DESTINATION... will host a "virtual campfire program" with Ranger Kate as your guide, all to celebrate both Junior Ranger Day and, you got it, National Park Week. The time is 5 o'clock, local Yosemite time (so, yep, PDT is the name of the game), and kids are invited to invite a teddy bear or other stuffed toy animal along, and find any books or activities they want to include in the campout. And if you have the ingredients for s'mores? Perhaps a parent can make a few of those, all to keep the snacking energy strong while the young'uns enjoy the nature-focused livestream. It's all free, and a sweet way for kids to connect with the beloved national park and its countless gifts.

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