You Can Ski in June at Mammoth Mountain

The Eastern Sierra resort just extended its season beyond Memorial Day, with a closing date still to come.

Mammoth Mountain/Peter Morning

WINTER IN SUMMER? It sounds like the title of a dramatic and slightly surreal novel, the sort of story that can send a reader swirling through various places, spaces, and times of the year, with a Very Big Adventure being the enchanting end result. But sometimes a Very Big Adventure, one involving an unlikely winter-summer mash-up, can happen in the real world. And that's just what may be happening in the weeks to come as Mammoth Mountain pushes its potential 2022 closing date into June. The ski resort had previously announced it would schuss through Memorial Day Weekend, but the wintry word arrived on May 16 that Mammoth intends to extend its season yet again, keeping the bundle-up fun going into the late spring and perhaps even into summertime.

"PERHAPS"... is the central word to that sentence, as no official closing date has yet been given. That means that Mammoth could shutter on June 3 or 30th, depending on conditions, so watching the destination's social pages for announcements is an ice, we mean nice, idea. The total for snowfall this season is 260" and the summit is currently boasting a 42" base. Mammoth Mountain has stayed open into early August a few times, one of the only North American ski resorts to do so, so the final 2022 date remains a bit of a delightful mystery.

WHAT'S NOT A MYSTERY? That the Ski, Bike & Golf All in One Day package, a Memorial Day Weekend tradition, is back. The details on the "Sierra Triathlon," which costs $149, can be found at the Mammoth Mountain site, as well as details on resort's summer savings (you'll need to book by May 24), the Mammoth Yacht Club celebration, and the 22/23 IKON Passes, which offer a few different options, depending on how often you intend to ski/ride. But the question remains: Will you ski in summer this year? If the resort pushes through June, and to June 21, a whimsical winter-summer mash-up could most definitely take place.

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