P-22 Day Is Padding Our Way, With In-Person and Virtual Fun

Celebrate Southern California's most famous feline while also learning how we can help our local urban wildlife, at Griffith Park and online.

National Park Service

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 23
  • The hybrid happening will take place at Shane's Inspiration at Griffith Park and online, starting at 11 a.m.
  • Free

Scroll, scroll, scroll, stop: You've just seen a snapshot of a Southern California sensation, a furry and famous superstar, an icon that regularly avoids wearing out the spotlight, even as he keeps the shadow-filled, tree-packed places of our city.

It's P-22 we speak of, the celebrated, obsessed-over mountain lion, a big cat that has made headlines, and won thousands of devoted fans, in his hometown and across the globe.

And each year? There's a special and especially important party held in his honor, even if he isn't expected to attend.

Rather, the celebration helps draw attention to a number of issues and topics surrounding our urban wildlife, allowing humans to get better acquainted with the critters we live next door to, sometimes literally.

In 2021, P-22 Day, a late-October event that is padding into its 6th celebratory year, will be a hybrid happening, meaning you can check in virtually from home, and enjoy the nature-focused programming, or attend a to-do or two in Griffith Park.

How to choose?

Perusing what both options offer is your first step, before you decide whether you'd like to make paw tracks for Griffith Park or keep it close to home.

Among the in-person happenings are an informative presentation on "Puma of LA: past, present, and future presented by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County," a storytime led by traditional storyteller Alan Salazar, and an appearance by Nibbles, a saber-toothed cat marionette.

And if you want to connect with P-22 from where you live, and all of the animals that roam, hop, live, eat, snooze, romp, and migrate around our region, you can, via the games and activities available online.

Like a curious cougar getting to know fresh terrain, there's plenty to explore, both in terms of events, online offerings, and everything to do with P-22.

Start here, feline fans, and celebrate one of our most spectacular superstars, a regal ambassador that ably represents countless critters throughout the LA area and beyond.