catching up Apr 9

Food Truck or Comedy Show? Meet the Lobster Cousins

Meet the hilarious founders of Cousins Maine Lobster that have taken the food truck industry by storm with their popular lobster rolls. We go to visit these guys and hear about their new show, “Food T...

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    What is “Age-Friendly Care”?

    What is “Age-friendly Care”? How does it affect you and your loved ones? Watch as Ereka Vetrini learns how The John A. Hartford Foundation can help older adults live their best life! (sponsored)...
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  • clear the shelters Apr 9

    Save an Animal, Adopt a Puppy at Paw Works

    In honor of upcoming National Pet Day, we visit Paw Works’ new location in Ventura County to play with the best furry friends—puppies. Kim gets the tour of the center—known as a rescue haven for anima...
  • foodie Apr 8

    ‘Top Chef' Challenge Winner Announced

    In this segment of the California Live Cook-off Challenge “Top Chefs” Nelson German and Tu David Phu spotlight their culinary masterpieces inspired by childhood memories at the family dinner table. It...
  • Deals & Steals Apr 8

    Stop Losing Your Phone Already, Try This

    “Where’s my phone?!” is something many of us ask multiple times a day. Shopping expert Genevieve Gorder shows us an innovative purse that stores your phone in a way where you never have to take it out...

  • foodie Apr 8

    ‘California Live' Hosts ‘Top Chef' Challenge

    Introducing the California Live Cook-off Challenge. We invite two “Top Chefs,” Nelson German (season 18) and Tu David Phu (season 15), for a real live contest in Oakland’s Overland Station. The chefs are challenged to make their favorite childhood dishes so we can get a taste of their culture and traditions. Lucky for our judges, Ross and Malou, th...
  • foodie Apr 8

    Harvest Salad Recipe for Spring

    Springtime is the perfect time for serving up a fresh harvest salad for dinner with friends and family. Ross goes to visit the Jack O’Neill Restaurant inside the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz to glean tips from the chef on how to shop the farmer’s market for the best quality ingredients. Watch and get their harvest salad recipe with tips...

  • California Green Apr 8

    Fashion Line Wants to Achieve UN's Sustainability Goals

    As part of our “California Green” series, we check out an eco-friendly fashion line with a mission to achieve a majority of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Claire Powers from KINdom designs sustainable and ethical clothing by upcycling materials, making shirt dresses out of bamboo, using indigenous patterns throughout her line, a...
  • behind the scenes Apr 7

    ‘Top Chef' Judge Gail Simmons on Food Diversity

    ‘Top Chef’ Judge Gail Simmons has been named one of the top five most powerful entrepreneurs in food. We talk to her about the new season, their choice of Portland as a location, and why showcasing food with ethnic diversity is vital. “I don’t think there is anything more important,” she says. Plus, learn about her new cookbook “Bringing it......
  • Deals & Steals Apr 7

    This Weighted Blanket Sends You Into Deep Relaxation

    Weighted blankets have been shown to help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. When you put on a weighted blanket after a long day it elicits the feeling of being hugged sending you into an instant relaxation. Our shopping expert Genevieve Gorder spotlights the BlanQuil. Get 41% off today on Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and...
  • National Beer Day Apr 7

    The Most Beautiful Brewery In LA Is Now Open

    Taking a sip of a good beer on a warm day is one of life’s most invigorating moments. On National Beer Day we’re celebrating all of beer’s glory with Kim as she visits All Seasons Brewing in the old Firestone building in Los Angeles. The gorgeous historic landmark has 12 different beers brewed on-site with a large airy space optimal...
  • beauty expert Apr 7

    We Try J-Lo's Dewy Skin Serum

    Of all the celebrities you’d want product recommendations from, we’re guessing Jennifer Lopez is at the top of your list. She is 51, glowing and gorgeous. Milly Almodovar, celebrity beauty expert, shares J-Lo’s favorite skin product with us and it’s perfect for that spring and summer glow. Watch and get more celebrity beauty product hot tips....Mil...
  • Deals & Steals Apr 7

    A Bean Bag That Supports Mental Health

    When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, one of the best things we can do is make lifestyle changes—including creating a relaxed home environment. Our shopping expert, Genevieve Gorder, tries out Moon Pod—a zero-gravity bean bag that offers a flotation therapy experience. Watch and get 20% off....Sponsored by America&#8...
  • community Apr 7

    LA's First Tiny Home Village to House Homeless

    Tiny Home Village is now open in North Hollywood with a concept that has the potential to reduce homelessness. Each 64-square foot unit comes with a bed, heater, and AC but the village provides much more support including job training, job placement, mental health, and substance abuse services. Kim goes to meet the founders to hear their innovative...
  • foodie Apr 7

    This Rooftop Pop-up Has All the Flavors of Israel

    Just dreaming of traveling to an exotic place has been many of our favorite pastimes. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out the Beverly Hilton’s Mediterranean paradise on their rooftop. The decor and cuisine at Sant’olina are inspired by its Israeli chef, Burt Bakman. Dani is one of the first to enjoy the restaurant’s spicy flavor...
  • Nutrition Apr 6

    Your Guide to Fermentation

    We’ve heard that microbes from fermented foods are good for our guts, but how exactly does fermentation work? Ross visits Shane Peterson, author of the award-winning cookbook “The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting,” to understand the lactic acid fermentation process. Watch and learn how you can treat your digestive system by ferment...
  • Deals & Steals Apr 5

    Be the First to Know of the Best Deals

    Meet the interior designer who will get you the best couch, rug, and many more goodies that you thought you could never afford. As part of “California Live’s” franchise “Deals & Steals,” shopping expert Genevieve Gorder talks to us about how she can fill any void in your home for a good price.

  • Beauty Apr 5

    This Makeup Palette Is a Beauty Game Changer

    While living in a world at home, many women haven’t even thought about applying makeup. But just around the corner we may be giving our faces a new debut. Billion Dollar Beauty has created a palette box that is customizable and organized to match your natural look and lifestyle. Ideal for a glam-up on the go.

  • dog training Apr 5

    The Dos and Don'ts of Dog Training

    If anyone can train a wild dog it’s Jas Leverette from the Netflix show “Canine Intervention.” Malou goes to check out his training grounds at Cali K9 to learn the dos and don’ts of dog training. “It’s not about bad dogs,” says Leverette. “it’s about uninformed owners.” Learn how the key to being a good dog trainer is holding yourself......
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