Katie Porter Jan 17

NewsConference: Rep. Porter Fights for Women in Workforce

NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-Irvine). She serves on the House Financial Services Committee. She explains why she voted to impeach President Donald Trump. She has end...

  • Los Angeles Jan 3

    NewsConference: California Politics, Looking Into 2021

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with two well-known political minds: Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science at USC and NBC4’s Political Contributor, and Raphael Sonenshein, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Pat Brown Institute at Cal State LA. Is Governor Gavin Newsom facing a possible recall in the new year? What about the future...
  • Los Angeles Jan 3

    NewsConference: LA Port Copes With COVID-19

    The port complex in Los Angeles and Long Beach is the busiest in the nation. It is responsible for one out of every nine jobs in our region. NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Gene Seroka, Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles, about how busy the port is, another sign of economic recovery during this COVID-19 crisis. Seroka explains...

  • NewsConference Dec 28, 2020

    NewsConference: LA's Newest City Councilmember

    A new year, a new face to the Los Angeles City Council 4th District.  Nithya Raman won the seat after defeating incumbent David Ryu.  She is 39 years old,  a Harvard and MIT alum, a mother and a wife.  About 7 years ago she started a non-profit dealing with homeless and housing crisis. NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Raman about her...
  • NewsConference Dec 28, 2020

    NewsConference: Angelenos Want a New LAPD, Study Finds

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Fernando Guerra, Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles on its newest survey on what Angelenos think about the LAPD. 

  • NewsConference Dec 27, 2020

    NewsConference: Russian Hacking Investigation Is Not Over, Schiff Says

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) Chair of the Intelligence House Committee about the massive cyber-attack on the federal government, California Senator Dianne Feinstein and whether he wants the California Attorney General job.

  • NewsConference Dec 21, 2020

    NewsConference: Garcetti Ends Departure Speculation

    The city of Los Angeles is in the midst of a crisis, says Mayor Eric Garcetti. Thus, he is staying and will not be joining the Biden Administration. But even if he did, he would have to face a very difficult road in getting confirmed by the senate. NBC4’s Conan Nolan and Chuck Todd of Meet the Press talk about...

  • NewsConference Dec 14, 2020

    News Conference: A Failure of Congressional Leaders

    NBC4’S Conan Nolan and Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press talk about the long-awaited COVID-19 relief package being negotiated in Washington DC. What is holding up? Why can’t the congressional leaders agree on the bailout?   

  • Covered California Dec 14, 2020

    NewsConference: Covered California Extends Deadline

    Covered California enrollment doubled up in the first six months of the pandemic. Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California, talks about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on California’s Healthcare Insurance marketplace, and he explains why the deadline to apply for the program has been extended to Dec. 30. Conan Nolan and Yvonne Guevara ...
  • online learning Nov 29, 2020

    News Conference Extra: Online Learning and the College Experience

    California State University Chancellor Dr. Timothy White joins Conan Nolan to discuss online learning, the future of the four-year degree and discuss his own experience as an immigrant from Argentina.

  • los angeles county Nov 29, 2020

    NewsConference: Restaurants' SOS

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with LA’s restaurateur Caroline Styne with the Independent Restaurant Coalition about how the latest outdoor dining ban is severely impacting the restaurant business, even if it’s for only for three weeks. Many restaurants are barely making it and many will not come back, says Styne. Are they being unfairly targeted?...
  • los angeles county Nov 29, 2020

    NewsConference: Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Doesn't Shy from Controversy

    Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has spent last 30 years of his life as an elected official, from city hall to Sacramento. The last 12 years, he was as a supervisor representing LA County’s District 2, which includes areas Carson, Compton and South Los Angeles. Dec. 4 is his last day with the county before he takes on...

  • LA County Nov 29, 2020

    NewsConference: Stemming COVID's Second Wave

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with Los Angeles County Health Director Barbara Ferrer, PhD on the measures being taken to stem the increase of COVID cases. Are we doing enough or are some measures such as the ban on outdoor dining–considered unnecessary by some—actually end up increasing transmission of the virus by sending more people indoors?...
  • California Nov 29, 2020

    NewsConference: How GOP Won Back House Seats

    In a stunning November election, Republicans won back four House seats that been lost in the 2018 Midterms. NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with the head of the California Republican Party, Jessica Millan Patterson, on how they did it.

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