• Beauty Mar 10

    Red Carpet Hair Trends And How To Do Them At Home


  • beauty expert Mar 6

    Female-Owned Beauty Brands You Need To Know

    Women-owned beauty brands are our focus for this Women’s History Month! Beauty expert Marianne Mychaskiw shows California Live’s Danielle Nottingham some of her favorite brands and products.

  • health & fitness Mar 2

    Move Your Body – 5 Easy Exercises To Do Anywhere

    If you’re looking for a workout that’s a little less intense, California Live’s Amber Pfister gets some great moves from “Dancing With The Stars” pro Lindsay Arnold.

  • Beauty Mar 1

    You Glow, Girl!

    From lip scrubs and oatmeal face masks and even coffee filters… we have five DIY projects that will keep your skin looking its best!......recipes:...peppermint lip scrub...1/4 cup granulated sugar...2 tbsp coconut oil...2 drops peppermint essential oil......coconut honey lip scrub...1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil...2 tablespoons of brown sugar...
  • Health and Wellness Mar 1

    4 Tips For Wellness

    It’s always a good time to consider adding some new wellness practices to your routine to help your mental and physical health. California Live contributor Blanche Shaheen has four health and wellness trends to share including body sculpting, journaling, making smoothies, and breathwork.

  • Beauty & Wellness Feb 27

    2023 Trends With Kym Douglas

    Beauty and lifestyle expert Kym Douglas joins California Live to discuss her favorite trends so far in 2023. They include an all-in-one makeup stick, a portable bonfire, reef-friendly sunscreen, and more!

  • health & wellness Feb 27

    Ways To Live Longer

    Celebrity doctor Mark Hyman shares his secrets to living your longest, healthiest life with California Live’s Berlin Fisher.

  • health and fitness Feb 23

    Yoga For Every Body

    Yoga teacher and author Jessamyn Stanley is a huge advocate for body positivity. She wants to make yoga accessible for everyone – especially those who feel like they don’t belong in the fitness community. She recently started practicing naked yoga (yes, it’s exactly what you think) and encourages others to do the same. California Live’s Danielle No...
  • Health and Wellness Feb 8

    Take A Plunge

    The benefits of cold water therapy. Amber Pfister takes the plunge with celebrity trainer Da Rulk and gets to the bottom of what it can do for your body.

  • Skincare Jan 26

    Four Ways to Help Treat Acne in Teens and Adults

    Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio shares four tips with California Live to help treat acne with over the counter products. She also demonstrates a non-invasive treatment that simulates a traditional facial.

  • health and beauty Aug 8, 2022

    Dr. Pimple Popper is Here!

    Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” spills secrets to California Live’s Jessica Vilchis and Danielle Nottingham about her hit TLC show’s explosive new season. She’s also sharing summer skincare tips to help you avoid common skin issues!

  • health and beauty May 12, 2022

    Skincare For Everyone

    California Live’s Danielle Nottingham gets tips to treat common skincare issues from expert esthetician & founder of Luna Vibe Co., Brandi Andrews.

  • health and beauty May 11, 2022

    Battle Hair Loss For Women

    The Med Spot’s Dr. Michelle Reyes shows California Live’s Lisa Breckenridge some innovative treatments to help women battle that uncomfortable hair loss.

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