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Rachel McAdams On Working in TV: “It’s a Tough Job.”



    Rachel McAdams On Working in TV: “It’s a Tough Job.”
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    It’s not easy being on TV. Just ask Rachel McAdams.

    For her role as Becky Fuller, a TV morning show producer in the new film “Morning Glory,” the actress recently told Parade that she visited the actual TV shows.

    “It's a tough job,” she said. “If I mess up in a movie, I get another take. On live TV, you say it and it's out there forever. There aren't a lot of female executive producers. It's very uncommon, which says something about the hours and whatever it requires. I realized it's easier to be an actress than it is to be an executive producer on a morning show. You have a little bit more time to yourself and you don't have to get up at two in the morning day after day."

    Although “Morning Glory” is a comedy, it required McAdams to be agile. "I didn't expect this to be an action part,” she said in the interview, ”but there was all this running up and down steps and dashing in hallways. Then there is running on the sidewalks of New York. I really got in shape. The physical part of comedy is as hard as a lot of action movies. It scares me, but in a way that I like."

    The 31-year actress (whose other credits include “The Notebook” and “Mean Girls”) got to work with Harrison Ford in the movie and revealed an anecdote about her co-star. “I will never have an Altoid again without thinking of him because he'd always have Altoids. He called them his acting pills, which I thought was so cute because he so clearly doesn't need acting pills. But every time he'd pop one, he'd say 'I need my acting pills'. He's very, very funny."

    Up next for McAdams is a part in the Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris,” which also features Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson.

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