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Pasadena Futurist: Wearable Tech Confab

Creators and leaders will gather to discuss the accessories of tomorrow.



    Pasadena Futurist: Wearable Tech Confab
    Wearable Tech
    Wearable Tech innovators gather at the Pasadena Convention Center on Thursday, July 17. What will be the accessories of tomorrow?

    The Crown City is known for some distinct outfits and accessories. The famous blue polos and khakis of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists, the elegant white suits of the Tournament of Roses volunteers, the tiaras of the Tournament's royal court.

    But come Thursday, July 17 people in and around the Pasadena Convention Center may think that they dropped into the near future, what with all the tricked-out glasses and computerized bracelets and the other pieces of clothing and accessories that tell us the time, read our email to us, and tweet.

    Wearable Tech LA lands at the convention center on that day, bringing with it a host of leaders in the industry for a series of "Ted-style talks" on what is next on the technology-laden togs horizons.

    Art Center College of Design and Innovate Pasadena will be in the house.

    The buzzy topics to be covered? The Future of Wearable Music, where sports fits into the scene, and the Future of footwear.

    Can it be long before our tank tops are talking to us? Surely this is another realm predicted by science fiction.

    While industry-focused, tickets are available for those who have to have a peek at the future, or at least what the future may mean in terms of what we pull over our heads and strap onto our wrists in a decade or two. Cost? It's $395, futurists.

    Nope, you don't need your jetpack to attend (though that, surely, will be another conference coming up soon).

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